I’m a Sucker for J-Hooks


So, last week (this past Sunday, to be exact), I was able to actually go out with Jerry for a little bit! Honestly, we’ve been together for almost four years, married for 2 ½ years, and I haven’t gone out on a few calls with him since a month after we were married. He left his long time job in Columbia, so that we could move in with my dad – and from there, things got a bit complicated.

Now, before he left his original job, I was pretty much able to go out with him any time I wanted to (as long as my work schedule permitted it). He did private impounds at that job, and I loved it. Honestly, I got a thrill off of it, especially when I was able to help him hook up a car and a moped. Actually, he LET ME hook the moped up myself (of course he was breathing down my neck the whole time making sure I was doing it right)! So, the moment he asked me, “Wanna ride?” on Sunday, I jumped at it. (Hey now, what wrecker driver wife wouldn’t?!)

As I’ve said before on my “About Me” page, being a Wrecker Driver’s Wife IS NOT for the faint hearted. Why? Isn’t it just like any other relationship/marriage? No. NO. NO.

My husband puts in close to 100 hours a week. You figure, he “actually” goes into work Monday through Friday 7am-7pm, that’s SIXTY hours right there. The other 40? Well, you figure if he’s on call one week Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday… The weekends take up 24 hours alone, so now we’re up to 84 hours (and that’s just the 7am-7pm)… Add at least 3 hours of night driving after 7pm on those five nights he’s working (by the way, when I say he’s “on call” that means he works that day AND the said night…and another thing, when I say add at LEAST 3 hours of night driving after 7pm, that’s the LEAST amount I’ve seen him work.. he normally doesn’t come in until 1am..so that’d be six..but let’s go with three), the total comes up to 99 hours. 99 hours of WORKING. Guess what, people? There’s only 168 hours in a week – so if he’s working 99 hours a week.. that leaves 69 hours left. Normally, those 69 hours are devoted to sleeping…and when he’s not drop-to-the-floor-dead-tired, he plays with our two children (Landon, age 17 months & Sydni, age 5 months), eats, and showers.

He’s hardly ever home. So no, being the wife of a wrecker driver is NOT for the faint hearted. The hours are crazy, the family time is near impossible, and if you are like me – you get angry because he’s never home. Yes, I am horrible at that. If it’s one of his long weeks… I am absolutely horrible about having an argument with him (over nothing, mind you) JUST because I miss him. Yes, I could tell him a billion times a day “I miss you..the kids miss you, I want you home.” However, that wouldn’t do anything for either of us except make him feel really bad. Anywho, we’re getting off subject..

So, Sunday night, I was able to ride with him. We did two calls together – one Agero wreck on the interstate (four car pile up, thank GOD no one was injured), and then an Agero member tow. I think we spent about three hours together that night in the truck. I have a thing for J-Hooks… okay, you got me, and a thing for Wheel Lifts. Pretty much whatever my husband is driving – I’m really into it. It was really nice on Sunday hearing the chains for the J-Hooks being pulled… and then talking to the other driver’s on the Radio was hilarious. Boss said I could chime in on the conversation, so, I grabbed the radio from Jerry and it pretty much went like this:

Me: “4 is clear and enroute to next tow location.”

Boss: “10-4 Four.”

Driver 1: “Jerry, I didn’t know your voice changed, are you okay?” *snicker*

Driver 2: “Oh c’mon, you know we kept telling him he needed to stop taking them hormones..” *sarcasm*

Driver 1: “So, he had to bring the boss with him to teach her how to hook up a car.”

Me: “He hasn’t had to teach me anything.”

Jerry: “Hey, I haven’t had to do paperwork yet.”


When you’re the wife of a wrecker driver, heck, even the girlfriend/fiancée of one, you do what you can to try and spend any amount of time with him. Their job is not exactly the easiest nor safest there is – and the hours are horrible. I can’t count how many times I’ve rolled my eyes when Jerry is dispatched another call – especially if he has just walked through the door and the kids have all seen their daddy.

It’s not the easiest life – but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love my wrecker driver very much! Keep an eye on the blog this weekend, more posts will be added!


Have a great and safe night, ya’ll!


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