Snow, in November, in South Carolina!

Well, for the first time in 125 years (or so, I honestly can’t remember the *exact* number the news gave us tonight), South Carolina received snow fall on November 1st – the day after Halloween. Honestly, this was the third snow fall South Carolina has seen for the year of 2014 – but it is the very first snow fall for the 2014-2015 Fall/Winter season. This is NOT a good indicator – why? Because – if it’s already snowing in South Carolina for the 2014-2015 Fall/Winter Season, that means that we’re 90% likely to see more snow fall.
What’s so bad about snow?
Unless you drive a tow truck, work as a firefighter or police officer, drive a rig, or work road construction.
Or you’re married to a man whose profession is any of the above (like myself).
Well, the best way to explain this is to go over what all has happened today:
South Carolina got 3-4 inches of snow. It was highly unexpected, but it happened. There were SO many wrecks today in Lexington County that Lexington County Highway had to call in Highway Patrolmen from the surrounding counties. The interstates got shut down completely for a little while. Jerry got called out at 7:30 this morning (this is his long week), and here it is at 10pm, and he is still not home. He has not been able to come home because of how busy they have been.
Well, he’s there’s no problem there, right?
Second call he did this morning, when he went to go chain the car up with the j-hooks, he ended up slipping (he was on a very steep hill of a ditch). When he slipped, he injured his back a pretty good bit. So, needless to say… I’m definitely going to have to buy him some new boots within the next month. His back has killed him all day and he has taken both aleve and BC Powders. I’m pretty sure he’s going to enjoy a very nice hot shower tonight when he finally is able to come home.
Another thing? He was on another call at some point today, trying to hook up yet another car that was in a ditch…and guess what.. an idiot is coming around a curve, going way too fast for weather conditions, didn’t see Jerry on the side of the road…and almost hit him.
Last, but not least, he went to a call to pull someone from another ditch – well, the car was all the way in the ditch and in water. Jerry was lenient with the customer – and even lenient with the price. He was soaked from his feet to his knees, and spent a good amount on the call. He knew the lady didn’t have that much money, so he gave her a break. So said lady starts complaining about the price – and then the fact that she had to go to an ATM to get money out of her bank account since Jerry had to switch trucks this morning ( his normal truck doesn’t have working heat ). Well, Jerry then reminds her that the actual price of the wench out along with the tow should be way more than what he was charging – the husband tells the so said lady to stop complaining and go to the bank. She still has a major attitude.
Boss man got a little irritated – not because of the price Jerry charged, but more of the fact that
A) Jerry had to do way more extra work than what the motor club dispatch had said he would have to do– which cost time – which meant it cost him time from getting to the calls holding
B) Jerry was very nice with the lady – cut her a deal on the price – yet she had the nerve to get an attitude with him over having to go to an ATM. Boss man was none to happy about hearing that and said that he wished the moment the lady started the attitude Jerry would’ve bumped the price up to what it should have been.

Earlier this year, when South Carolina seen two snow falls, Jerry worked on days he wasn’t supposed to work. On top of that, the snow and ice was so bad he slipped off the bed of the truck after he got a car hooked up – that really hurt him. That injury took about two months to finally heal. Luckily, today’s injury wasn’t near as bad, but still.

Even though I hate the snow – for the sole fact that I know just how hard my husband has to work (along with our friends) and how much dangerous that makes their jobs – I did take Landon out for the snow fall. He had a bit of fun, but he really wasn’t into the whole “cold and wet” thing. Below are pictures of him playing today, and some from the last snow fall back in January of this year. It’s so weird to see how much things have changed in just ten months! I hope everyone is having a GREAT weekend and you guys are being safe!


3 thoughts on “Snow, in November, in South Carolina!

  1. You are one hard workin mama! ❤
    My sweet Granny Cakes was from South Carolina so I kinda have a sweet spot for anyone from there. Thanks for coming to see me over on the farm… and thanks for the follow. I'll be keeping up with you..hugs to you and your sweet babies…all the way from Alaska!


    • My mother loved Alaska! When she was alive, she would always talk about Alaska. During the Summer, we’d here (at least ten times a day, mind you!) her say “It’s too hot here! We’re moving to Alaska!”

      Thank you so much for following!!

      Liked by 1 person

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